Workshops and Special Events - Vivify will conduct fitness and nutrition workshops each month and special fitness classes including bootcamps and challenges. Watch our Facebook page and Instagram for details!

Group Training - if you prefer to workout with friends then group training is for you! Groups range in sizes from 2-5 people, bring your own or we can help try to find some new friends to join you! All group training sessions last 60-minutes.

Private Personal Training - At Vivify you will receive private one-on-one training from Coach Ani. Your plan will be designed at your current fitness level with a clear path to achieving your goals. This is a living plan designed for you! It will take into account your daily lifestyle and your time commitments, and Coach Ani can help you prepare for the unexpected pleasures like vacations, dinners out, and work lunches.

We are still working on the site, but here is some basic info!

Nutrition Coaching - Coach Ani is a certified holistic nutrition coach. She does not sell supplements or endorse any particular diet. She works with you to develop a plan that is feasible for you. One that includes your particular needs, likes and dislikes. If it doesn't fit your lifestyle or your family - it won't last and she knows that! She can help you look at what you are eating and determine how to make livable tweaks that will contribute to your success.

Vivify Fitness & Nutrition